Elaine Stolt: Temporary snow covers the northeastern United States

Friday, December 13, 2013

Temporary snow covers the northeastern United States

Washington - A winter storm today snow covered much of the northeastern states of the United States , which forced the closure of government offices and schools and left more than 1,300 flights canceled , while temperatures are expected to remain below zero degrees Celsius at least until Friday.

Because of the storm the offices of the federal administration in the capital, Washington, were closed today , like public schools.
Despite the large amount of snow fell during the morning in the capital there was traffic problems on the roads and subway stations were more empty than usual because many workers were allowed to stay home.
Also woke closed schools in parts of Delaware , Maryland , West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.
Some of the largest accumulations of snow were recorded on the day Red Lion ( PA ) , with more than 15 centimeters ( 6 inches) , and Cross Junction (Virginia ), with almost 13 centimeters (5 inches).
Although today more than 1,300 flight cancellations were recorded , particularly in the New York Newark airport , according to the web Flightaware.com , the situation at airports is now returning to normal gradually.
In fact , the number of cancellations on Tuesday was less than 1,900 flights suspended on Monday and 2,800 on Sunday.
Though the storm will leave the east coast tonight will be pitiless and cold temperatures will remain below zero degrees Celsius at least until Friday , according to the National Weather Service .
As an example, for Thursday in Washington a maximum temperature of -3 degrees Celsius and a low of -6 degrees is forecast .
The fact that these freezing temperatures are present in most of the country when winter has officially arrived yet is " very unusual ," said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen .
This storm has been fueled in part by a blast of frigid air from the Arctic and hit the center of the country last weekend and , in particular , the state of Texas.
The metropolitan area of ​​Dallas and Fort Worth , which concentrated much of the effects of Arctic cold wave in the state, still suffering some circulation problems, ice accumulates in the gutters and some sidewalks are impassable for pedestrians.
The authorities in the country at least 15 people have died in recent days related to weather conditions , mostly in traffic accidents incidents.
The worst thing for the next few days as the return of snow is expected in the Great Lakes region , while cities like Chicago , Portland and Oregon also have snow and freezing rain .
Until Monday 66.9% of U.S. territory was covered with snow , which is the highest percentage in the dates of the last 10 years.
The good news of the day was the discovery of a family of six who was missing for two days in the frozen mountains of northern Nevada .
In the search involved about 200 people and six, two adults and four children aged between 10 and 3 years , were found in the area known as Trinity Canyon in stable condition, without signs of frostbite , according to the sheriff's office Pershing County .


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