Elaine Stolt: Challenge to the death as sport

Friday, December 13, 2013

Challenge to the death as sport

Roberto Reyes holds the orange buoy and breathe deeply several times, while the sun's rays light up the sea water around without reaching the depths that he will reach in a few moments.
On the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, Reyes, 50, is about to go scuba diving or freediving tankless. One last deep breath before plunging, down and down until he lost sight of.

"You know it's very dangerous," he said later. "It becomes an addiction."
The recent death of an American man performing "snorkeling" in the Bahamas highlights the danger of the sport: 70 people died doing this practice last year, and the year before, the figure was 50, according to the Association of Diving "Divers Alert Network", located in North Carolina.

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