Elaine Stolt: Did you know that dolphins have the best memory of the animal world ?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Did you know that dolphins have the best memory of the animal world ?

 For years it has been reported that elephants have long memories , and knowing that someone never forget , at least until his death. But the truth is that this is not a proven fact .

So after investigations Jason Bruck, a specialist in animal behavior at the University of Chicago , the dolphin supersedes the elephant , making dolphins remind other after 20 years apart.

First it is necessary to explain that each dolphin has a unique whistle, this works as your business card. So are identified and thus can maintain close social ties.
The new research shows that dolphins have a memory of up to 20 years, longer than any species other than humans.
Bruck studies were based on records of dolphins in captivity. Gathering The data of 43 bottlenose dolphins six facilities in the U.S. and Bermuda. These dolphins , although separated , have been known by the exchanges made ​​between the different centers .
He began testing using recordings of a bunch of strangers dolphin whistles in the study until the subjects got bored and stopped to inspect the underwater speaker .
At this point, National Geographic records , put the whistles of old friends of dolphins. When they heard these familiar dolphin whistles, cheered and began to approach the speaker , often whistling his own name and hoping to hear a response .
This suggests that recognized his former colleagues.
Apparently, according to comments Bruck, loved dolphins cooperate . Some, for example , began to whistle straight at him as if he could understand them. Other group of sassy young dolphins swam Bruck and began to whistle the names of the dominant male of the group, in order of rank , perhaps they wanted to hear the names suggest , Bruck said.

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