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Friday, December 13, 2013

Temporary snow covers the northeastern United States

Washington - A winter storm today snow covered much of the northeastern states of the United States , which forced the closure of government offices and schools and left more than 1,300 flights canceled , while temperatures are expected to remain below zero degrees Celsius at least until Friday.

Because of the storm the offices of the federal administration in the capital, Washington, were closed today , like public schools.
Despite the large amount of snow fell during the morning in the capital there was traffic problems on the roads and subway stations were more empty than usual because many workers were allowed to stay home.
Also woke closed schools in parts of Delaware , Maryland , West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.
Some of the largest accumulations of snow were recorded on the day Red Lion ( PA ) , with more than 15 centimeters ( 6 inches) , and Cross Junction (Virginia ), with almost 13 centimeters (5 inches).
Although today more than 1,300 flight cancellations were recorded , particularly in the New York Newark airport , according to the web Flightaware.com , the situation at airports is now returning to normal gradually.
In fact , the number of cancellations on Tuesday was less than 1,900 flights suspended on Monday and 2,800 on Sunday.
Though the storm will leave the east coast tonight will be pitiless and cold temperatures will remain below zero degrees Celsius at least until Friday , according to the National Weather Service .
As an example, for Thursday in Washington a maximum temperature of -3 degrees Celsius and a low of -6 degrees is forecast .
The fact that these freezing temperatures are present in most of the country when winter has officially arrived yet is " very unusual ," said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen .
This storm has been fueled in part by a blast of frigid air from the Arctic and hit the center of the country last weekend and , in particular , the state of Texas.
The metropolitan area of ​​Dallas and Fort Worth , which concentrated much of the effects of Arctic cold wave in the state, still suffering some circulation problems, ice accumulates in the gutters and some sidewalks are impassable for pedestrians.
The authorities in the country at least 15 people have died in recent days related to weather conditions , mostly in traffic accidents incidents.
The worst thing for the next few days as the return of snow is expected in the Great Lakes region , while cities like Chicago , Portland and Oregon also have snow and freezing rain .
Until Monday 66.9% of U.S. territory was covered with snow , which is the highest percentage in the dates of the last 10 years.
The good news of the day was the discovery of a family of six who was missing for two days in the frozen mountains of northern Nevada .
In the search involved about 200 people and six, two adults and four children aged between 10 and 3 years , were found in the area known as Trinity Canyon in stable condition, without signs of frostbite , according to the sheriff's office Pershing County .

Elvis Crespo finally confesses that he masturbated on the plane

It's been five years since the incident, but today was the Elvis Crespo merengue accepted that masturbated in front of the passenger Patricia Perea during a flight and so the artist was sued .
" Yes, I was drunk ... That was one of the moments where I hit bottom . What happened this summer (in the Made in Puerto Rico restaurant) does not compare to the incident plane. The incident aircraft was extremely hard .
Extremely hard and embarrassing , "admitted the singer during an interview with María Celeste Arrarás in Glowing Telemundo .
Elvis recounted how difficult it was to face sex scandal , and married when I was finished with his current wife , Maribel Vega.
"I suffered a lot. We are talking about I was just five days married to Maribel "he said.
Crespo also told that he had to face their loved ones with lies.
"I had to call my mom ... say one thing , a lie to my mom. Call my oldest son and tell a lie , another lie to my dad . I was totally painful, very painful, " he said.
In the interview, which took place in the framework of the promotion of the album " One Flag One Flag ," Elvis told the repentant furor restaurant in Isla Verde in the summer.
"That was a relapse that should not have happened , but I take responsibility . It should not have happened. That was an oversight. But I knew for several years that I can not have contact with alcohol does , "said Crespo.
Likewise , the shell snail soup confessed his addiction to drugs.
 "I came to find out that was so talented at 28 , 29 years, when I started having my solo career, I began to travel the world, to get money , to get recognition : Gently Píntame , Grammy , and I do not was to rise to the occasion , spiritual or mature. By going down my popularity , I panicked , anxiety , the ego. He did not want me to leave ( the race) . And there was that little by little I was getting involved in drugs, alcohol, drugs , women, I was self-destructing vices were undermining me and my spirituality ... You realize that there is a void , that something is not right, that something is missing . "
He revealed that his addiction began during his marriage to his first wife, Ana Ceruto .
" When one self-destructs , you think that is destroying himself. No, for every person that destroyed seven entangled takes , as we say Puerto Ricans. Seven is also suffering because mom, dad , siblings, close family , who really are there with you. "
The singer said forgave , forgave those who wronged him , he apologized to those who had suffered and was released.
"Not forgiving is like trying to breathe underwater . And finally forgive when you get your head after a while that you feel suffocated. "
The artist said it is trying to get out of their addictions. "There are many religions seeking , that's fine , there are many who seek rehabilitation centers is fine. In my case it worked to form a group . I have excellent professionals working comigo " .
Also argued that it is much more mature, more visionary and open now than in the 90s.
"I had to disconnect the ego because the ego is a false self . I have to understand that just you and makes you make bad decisions. It is a violent animal which devours you spiritually . "
He claimed to feel in excellent condition at this time. " I feel great , I feel that I understand my life , I understand why I got involved in this type of self-destruction. And all this is part of my recovery, my journey towards spirituality . I 've noticed that, that one has to be released , you have to be honest. "
Grateful Mary Celeste
The driver said Mary Celeste Arrarás flattered that merengue has entrusted her to confess .
"These are painful issues that must not have been easy for him. That proves that Elvis is on the way to full recovery . That takes time and it takes only six months but steadily. In speaking with such honesty and so openly is definitely a solid step to address any addiction and we are here to support him . "

Challenge to the death as sport

Roberto Reyes holds the orange buoy and breathe deeply several times, while the sun's rays light up the sea water around without reaching the depths that he will reach in a few moments.
On the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, Reyes, 50, is about to go scuba diving or freediving tankless. One last deep breath before plunging, down and down until he lost sight of.

"You know it's very dangerous," he said later. "It becomes an addiction."
The recent death of an American man performing "snorkeling" in the Bahamas highlights the danger of the sport: 70 people died doing this practice last year, and the year before, the figure was 50, according to the Association of Diving "Divers Alert Network", located in North Carolina.

Did you know that dolphins have the best memory of the animal world ?

 For years it has been reported that elephants have long memories , and knowing that someone never forget , at least until his death. But the truth is that this is not a proven fact .

So after investigations Jason Bruck, a specialist in animal behavior at the University of Chicago , the dolphin supersedes the elephant , making dolphins remind other after 20 years apart.

First it is necessary to explain that each dolphin has a unique whistle, this works as your business card. So are identified and thus can maintain close social ties.
The new research shows that dolphins have a memory of up to 20 years, longer than any species other than humans.
Bruck studies were based on records of dolphins in captivity. Gathering The data of 43 bottlenose dolphins six facilities in the U.S. and Bermuda. These dolphins , although separated , have been known by the exchanges made ​​between the different centers .
He began testing using recordings of a bunch of strangers dolphin whistles in the study until the subjects got bored and stopped to inspect the underwater speaker .
At this point, National Geographic records , put the whistles of old friends of dolphins. When they heard these familiar dolphin whistles, cheered and began to approach the speaker , often whistling his own name and hoping to hear a response .
This suggests that recognized his former colleagues.
Apparently, according to comments Bruck, loved dolphins cooperate . Some, for example , began to whistle straight at him as if he could understand them. Other group of sassy young dolphins swam Bruck and began to whistle the names of the dominant male of the group, in order of rank , perhaps they wanted to hear the names suggest , Bruck said.

Discover the world's largest underground river

A group of divers from a civil organization discovered the longest in the world in the Riviera Maya, on the Caribbean coast underground river, officials said.

The director of tourism in the state of Quintana Roo, Lenin Amaro Betancourt, Solidaridad municipality told reporters that the river was named Sac Actun, and has 155 kilometers long.
He said that with this discovery, the three longest underground rivers in the world are under the floor of the Riviera Maya.
The other large underground rivers in the area are the Ox Bel Ha system, with over 146 kilometers long, and the Dos Ojos system, with nearly 58 miles long.
Many of these underground rivers, which are largely a mixture of fresh and salt water flow into the same Caribbean Sea, the official said.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Renew an old garment easily

It is very common in our wardrobe we have dresses that we no longer use old, perhaps because it went out of fashion or are broken.
But we want to share with you some tips to take advantage of these clothes and leave them as new.

With just let our imagination we can create our own designs, we only need some materials like scissors, sewing machine, needle, thread ETC.

Before starting work on dress, place the garment in a large table and watch what details you want to apply. Make sure the décor matches the color and pattern of the dress, such as if the dress is gold do not add details in a magenta tint.

If your dress has broken cover with lace or fabrics trasfórmalo transparencies in a garment of night, these are very fashionable and give a sensual touch to your dress and you can use any type of celebration.

If you want to convert your old dressed in a garment of day, cut figures purchase prints or appliques in lingerie and add in the breaks and in the area where you want.

On the other hand if you want your dress to become more attractive aplícale transparent and bright beads in the area above and on the straps.