Elaine Stolt: Renew an old garment easily

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Renew an old garment easily

It is very common in our wardrobe we have dresses that we no longer use old, perhaps because it went out of fashion or are broken.
But we want to share with you some tips to take advantage of these clothes and leave them as new.

With just let our imagination we can create our own designs, we only need some materials like scissors, sewing machine, needle, thread ETC.

Before starting work on dress, place the garment in a large table and watch what details you want to apply. Make sure the décor matches the color and pattern of the dress, such as if the dress is gold do not add details in a magenta tint.

If your dress has broken cover with lace or fabrics trasfórmalo transparencies in a garment of night, these are very fashionable and give a sensual touch to your dress and you can use any type of celebration.

If you want to convert your old dressed in a garment of day, cut figures purchase prints or appliques in lingerie and add in the breaks and in the area where you want.

On the other hand if you want your dress to become more attractive aplícale transparent and bright beads in the area above and on the straps.

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